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Exposure Lights – Flare and Maxx D review

Exposure lights have a good reputation for build quality and longevity.

Exposure Flare

Exposure Flare with rubber mount.

Exposure Flare with rubber mount.

The Flare has a claimed 75 Lumens output and in our experience is a very impressive rear light that capably lights up the rear of the bike and the road for several metres behind you.

The Flare output is at its best when coupled with rechargeable CR123 batteries.  There is a significant improvement in brightness when switching to the Exposure re-chargeable batteries when compared to the non-rechargeable CR123 it is supplied with. The light has one power output setting but will run in static or flash mode.

In our experience the Flare was faulty within 3 months of use (around 36 hours ride time).  The fault was evident early in this period and exhibited by the light unit changing from flash to static mode after several minutes of riding. This behavior gradually worsened until the light would switch itself off and was obviously a connection problem because vibration could bring the light back on again.  A number of bike-forums have reports of the same issue so it appears to be a known fault with the light unit.

At this point we await feedback from Exposure and will post more here when they respond.

Exposure Feedback

Exposure have a process for returns on their website where you must contact their service department first.  I completed the forms and returned the Flare and had it repaired and returned to me within 4 working days.  This is good service and the only cost incurred was postage on the part of the owner.

Exposure Maxx D Mk 2

Exposure MaXX-D MK-2

Exposure MaXX-D MK-2

The Mk 2 Exposure Maxx D which has a claimed output of 985 Lumens  and an integral battery pack with piggy-back expansion port on the rear.

This light is into its fourth winter of service and still provides in excess of 2 hours on the max output setting from a full charge which is a small deterioration from the 2.5 hours claimed at new.

The unit is well engineered and depending on orientation can cause drivers to flash their lights to signal that the light is too bright and should be dipped. With its three different power settings this request can be met with ease even without a remote power button.