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Sidi MTB EAGLE 5 review

In summary I would say that Sidi Eagle 5s have most of the attributes you’d want of an MTB shoe but if you have the money you should go to the next level up.

I first blogged about these when I acquired a pair two years ago. They’ve been my mainstay footwear for over 2 years where they support me through an average 140 road miles per week.

Two years of use and going strong.
Two years of use and going strong.

From a comfort perspective:

  • Good instep support; this is fundamental to avoiding tendinitis
  • Breathable upper.
  • Reliable foot holding provided by the ratchet mechanism, their ‘CALIPER BUCKLE’ and grippers on the two velcro straps.

From a value for money and longevity perspective:

  • Hard wearing
  • They don’t stink after being wet many times
  • The Lorica upper is in good condition
  • The Ratchet mechanism is flawless
  • The velcro straps with their rubber crocodile grippers are still as good as the first day and don’t slip; slippage is often a problem on plain velcro straps.
  • The sole and studs have proved to be very hard wearing – with this one pair of shoes I’m on my third set of metal SPD cleats and my second pair of SPD pedals.
  • They clean up well and retain their looks.
  • The ankle cup is not frayed or coming apart.

These attributes are fundamental to a good shoe and comfortable riding.  Many manufacturers have copied Sidi’s technology, for example ratchet mechanisms for adjusting shoe tightness are now ubiquitous.

I’ve said before and will repeat here, that the fit of the Sidi Eagle 5 MTB shoe is different from its road counterpart; the heal support is lacking and the upper appears wider and gives the impression it is based on a different last to its road counterpart the Side Genius 5.

I surmise that this is intentional on Sidi’s part, to provide room for your feet move around but is in direct contrast to the very secure feel provide by the next level of Sidi MTB shoe, the Sidi Dragon 3.


Dragon 3



Tom Boonen’s (Omega Pharma-Quick Step) – how to position a stem on a carbon steerer

Cycling have a lovely picture [courtesy and Copyright] of Boonens stem set-up:

Tom Boonen (Omega Pharma-Quick Step) Recently Replaced His Temporary FSA Stem With This 140mm-long Zipp Service Course SL Model.

A picture is worth a 1000 words – notice the careful use of spacers – one above as well as below to spread the load on the carbon steerer.  Many manufactures stipulate this but its often not put into action when you look at carbons’ these days. To not do this makes me think about  – yikes.

Mapping Cycle Routes

In a recent trawl of the web in search of a good route finder I started to build up some requirements.  Google Maps offers a lot but it would be really great to show of a bike run with an animated StreetView.  It appears people have thought of this already’s  main failing appears to be that it relies on Google to store the way-points with the impact being that the route is made the ‘quickest’ by default.  Not ideal when you want a bike run on back roads.  If these could be embedded into the URL then this could solve this issue.

Still its an excellent effort.

Google Static maps has a great deal to offer – one of our favourite Cafe stops:


Costumes of the Alp

Tomorrow is (maybe) the judgement day for Contador on his 2010 Tour de France positive for Clenbuterol.  Quite a coincidence in timing given that Lance has just been cleared by the Federal Investigation in the last couple of days.  Its like buses, nothing, then two or three at once.  Our sport so very often makes a mockery of bringing these things to a close in a timely manner.  Recent headlines have been : :

Alberto Contador clenbuterol decision due mid-January


Contador clenbuterol decision due at end of January

The bloke in green was cold and needed a surgeon's outfit to keep warm

The whole unfortunate saga has dragged on so long that whoever does end up winning the 2010 Tour, will find its a bitter pill, unless of course Contador keeps his win.

The up sides for some is that all this delay gives plenty of opportunity for mockery of another kind.  Fair or not, its where our sport is and it conveniently sells copy.

This Surgeon’s costume is great but  I think the best costume on the Alp that day was something that looks like it was borrowed from Captain America – even though it didn’t have anything to do with commenting on drugs in cycling I think the guy may have been ‘partaking’ to come up with this:

Beats the Orange of the Basque fans hands down.

Giant TCR AluXX frame and fork (small) for sale

Hi this is a 2006 frame and fork with bars, stem, headset, seat-pin and saddle for sale.  Carbon fork, Alu steerer.

Going for £150 with bars, stem, headset, seat-pin and saddle.

Geometry – Chart – see small :

Based in Tayside but can meet half way in central belt if required.