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Eye-wear – Oakley Doakley

On a slightly lighter note from the last two posts, ahem, have you noticed that the riders  in the professional peleton are wearing these guys more (again) in 2012?


These guys work

SKU# 26-214

As opposed to these newer fangled things that some guy Cavendish is sporting:


Jawbone - Awe heck my peripheral vision is blocked

SKU# 04-215

A detailed review this is not, but I’ve tried them both and I never liked the Jawbone because of the frame along the bottom which obscures your peripheral vision; not a good thing when you need to check if a rider or a big metal box is coming up your flank.

I’d happily buy another pair of the Radar Path, fantastic glasses but not these Oakley-Doakley things Cavendish is wearing. Oh, and why didn’t he wear them when he won the 2011 worlds?

Back to my original point – check out the photos on your favourite cycling results site and I think you’d be hard pushed to disagree, the Radar Path is making a comeback.