Exposure Flare review

This is a long term, 16 month review of the Exposure Flare which has lots of favourable reviews online.

Exposure Flare

From my experience this light has some serious quality flaws that make it too unreliable.

It is half way through my second winter with this product and the light has broken twice in the last three months, my 15 mile commute in the dark requires a reliable alternative back-up light to keep me safe. My early review of this product was favourable even though I noted that I’d had to return the light for repair within its first 3 months of use.

I bought my light in September 2013, however it was showing signs of unreliability – switching off caused by road vibration – by late October. This fault was repaired in January 2014, it was then returned again to Ultimate Sport Engineering for a second time September 2014 for the same fault and now for a third time in January 2015 the light turns off when riding on the road caused by vibration again.

See this short video-clip to observe the vibration induced switch off:

I like Exposure products, I have a fabulous MaXX D front light which has served me well, and even with my frustrating experience I would buy more USE / Exposure products.

I wonder if other owners of the Exposure Flare have had a similar experience to me or I’ve just been unlucky.


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