Sidi MTB EAGLE 5 review

In summary I would say that Sidi Eagle 5s have most of the attributes you’d want of an MTB shoe but if you have the money you should go to the next level up.

I first blogged about these when I acquired a pair two years ago. They’ve been my mainstay footwear for over 2 years where they support me through an average 140 road miles per week.

Two years of use and going strong.
Two years of use and going strong.

From a comfort perspective:

  • Good instep support; this is fundamental to avoiding tendinitis
  • Breathable upper.
  • Reliable foot holding provided by the ratchet mechanism, their ‘CALIPER BUCKLE’ and grippers on the two velcro straps.

From a value for money and longevity perspective:

  • Hard wearing
  • They don’t stink after being wet many times
  • The Lorica upper is in good condition
  • The Ratchet mechanism is flawless
  • The velcro straps with their rubber crocodile grippers are still as good as the first day and don’t slip; slippage is often a problem on plain velcro straps.
  • The sole and studs have proved to be very hard wearing – with this one pair of shoes I’m on my third set of metal SPD cleats and my second pair of SPD pedals.
  • They clean up well and retain their looks.
  • The ankle cup is not frayed or coming apart.

These attributes are fundamental to a good shoe and comfortable riding.  Many manufacturers have copied Sidi’s technology, for example ratchet mechanisms for adjusting shoe tightness are now ubiquitous.

I’ve said before and will repeat here, that the fit of the Sidi Eagle 5 MTB shoe is different from its road counterpart; the heal support is lacking and the upper appears wider and gives the impression it is based on a different last to its road counterpart the Side Genius 5.

I surmise that this is intentional on Sidi’s part, to provide room for your feet move around but is in direct contrast to the very secure feel provide by the next level of Sidi MTB shoe, the Sidi Dragon 3.


Dragon 3



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