Cyclist awareness and the Law

Following on from yesterday’s post, I’m now seeing more and more material on Cyclist awareness and attitude changes.

Video’s of driver aggression from the cyclist’s perspective appear to be having a a real impact as they are used as evidence in Legal proceedings.   The Times newspaper has gone so far as to post a video of a ‘driver jailed for using bus as ‘weapon’ against cyclist‘.

Our club is a small bunch of experienced roadies. I’d say we all have very good bike handling skills, we’ve all been at it for over two decades and we’re all experienced drivers.  As cyclists we know the warning signs right down to heavy tyre noise meaning its big and its coming quick.

Here’s some statistics:

I’ve been knocked off twice in the three decades I’ve been at it and consider myself lucky for such a small number and the minor injuries received.  In these incidents I was not at fault. Of the others in our group of eight, two have been knocked off more than once.

Injuries my team mates have received range from broken wrists, to a collarbone and the most serious involved broken leg and ribs after being ploughed into.

I’ve had more near misses than I can remember, heard cars locking up behind me as the driver turned his head to a forward looking stance just in time, seen caravans side swipe a rider in our group and watched an elderly driver overtake and pull in without actually going passed the rider he was trying to overtake resulting in injury – the driver didn’t stop .

Road Rage from drivers is phenomenal, I’ve had drivers drive at me, swerve and try and push me off the road with their vehicle and been buzzed by motorbikes and teenage drivers more times than I can remember, just because I was in the way.

I  think Chris Boardman’s stance in The Times could help, ultimately it has to be about education and I firmly believe that this starts from the moment young ones can speak.  So often I’ve been out training and seen a toddler out with their mother and they say, “Look mum, bike”, it should be “Look mum, man on bike”.

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