Costumes of the Alp

Tomorrow is (maybe) the judgement day for Contador on his 2010 Tour de France positive for Clenbuterol.  Quite a coincidence in timing given that Lance has just been cleared by the Federal Investigation in the last couple of days.  Its like buses, nothing, then two or three at once.  Our sport so very often makes a mockery of bringing these things to a close in a timely manner.  Recent headlines have been : :

Alberto Contador clenbuterol decision due mid-January


Contador clenbuterol decision due at end of January

The bloke in green was cold and needed a surgeon's outfit to keep warm

The whole unfortunate saga has dragged on so long that whoever does end up winning the 2010 Tour, will find its a bitter pill, unless of course Contador keeps his win.

The up sides for some is that all this delay gives plenty of opportunity for mockery of another kind.  Fair or not, its where our sport is and it conveniently sells copy.

This Surgeon’s costume is great but  I think the best costume on the Alp that day was something that looks like it was borrowed from Captain America – even though it didn’t have anything to do with commenting on drugs in cycling I think the guy may have been ‘partaking’ to come up with this:

Beats the Orange of the Basque fans hands down.

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