Le Velo n’ Crashes

Thankfully we’re not on YouTube yet, at least not that anybody has told us.

I’ve just been introduced to Robin Moore and his  Le Velo video on YouTube  – and yup, being a roadie is a religious thing.  Robin really does look like an experienced roadie at the start, he’s verging on How-to-look-Pro, but when you see him on the bike, its all wrong!  And, he doesn’t inhale but who am I to criticise, its a funny video.

Now what smokes company used to sponsor a pro team?

Passing a smoke: Courtesy of http://www.ridehappy.com.au

Maybe there was more than one. Cippolini posed smoking  too, I guess that’s where Robin got the idea and half a dozen bloggers out there.

Le Velo on YouTube


When I think about it, the topic of cycling crashes has the makings of a Blog site all of its own.  What is it with YouTube and people posting videos of cycling crashes? I can’t watch, I keep remembering the sound (emanating from behind me thankfully) of metal scraping on tarmac from road races in years gone by. Eeek.  There I go again, showing my age, I’ll need to get racing again, as I guess its not metal scraping on tarmac any more as www.bustedcarbon.com illuminates beautifully.  Think my next one might be an alu.

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