Euro Cyclist and Cycling Tips

The last time I looked for some www goodness that has some real sympathy for the aesthetics and state of mind of being a roadie, it was I admit a number of years ago.

My quest at that time left me quite hollow and disappointed, indeed I felt like I just didn’t belong, Facebook had nothing for me, news groups had nothing but noobs, all I could find was and although a fantastic news site, it didn’t give that sense of belonging.

Well that just changed as I’ve spent an hour hooting at the comments to the photos on the Euro Cyclist group (I’m linking to the rules page as that is where you have to start) on Facebook.   Indeed the fact that this is obviously a religious organisation helps give me that sense of belonging to brethren of the bike.

There are of course others sites out there that do a damn fine job of documenting the Euro cyclist thing such as and their lovely post from 2008, ‘How to look Pro‘ which I admit we (the collective we – CycleSport Dundee)  did too way back with our old site before it fell in the trash.

These two sites have most definitely surpassed the links criteria.

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