Rapha Bib Shorts vs Assos

Bibshorts, the most important thing next to your saddle, choice, that you can make.   Having never looked at any Rapha clothing before or even been particularly aware of the brand, I’ve  just learned that they are described as a premium product which makes me think to compare them to Assos.

Aside – just the task of doing a quick comparison of the currently priced £145 Rapha Bib Shorts and matching them on looks alone with the £120 Assos T FI.Uno Bibs was a pain in website usability, Rapha’s site was a breeze but the Assos site navigation pushes you toward the Zegho sub- site for their new glasses range and the user experience sucks – complete with a flashing background image!

A looks-alone comparison

The Uno looks like a better product and even in plain old black, looks slicker than the Rapha.  When it comes to purchasing through a website, the product has got to out-shine the competition and although the Rapha imagery is slick, the product looks bland.  On the plus side for Rapha is their 30  day free trial period which is indicative of the challenge of getting established in this high-end market.

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